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Food assistance project in Upper East

The Joseph Group is a ministry birthed by the President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Joseph Eastwood Anaba as a result of his passion to revolutionise agriculture especially in under resourced communities whose major source of income is farming by transforming these communities into becoming the food basket of the nation.

The name Joseph Group was taken from the President’s name Joseph and also, calls to bear the significant role Joseph in biblical times played in averting famine in the land of Egypt by instituting pragmatic and sustainable structures. The Joseph Group serves as the heartbeat of the President due to his sympathetic tendencies towards the poor and needy. It thus, serves as a conduit where his philanthropic nature is manifested.

Since its formation, the Joseph Group has organized Agricultural Impact Seminars for more than 3000 farmers in the Upper East Region. The primary aims of the seminars have been to introduce the beneficiaries to new and improved farming practices, as well as, educate them on how to maximize their yields.
This year, the Joseph Group has initiated another novelty project as part of its contribution towards addressing the food security situation in the Upper East Region and will become an annual event until famine is assuaged in the region.

The project captioned– Food Assistance Project (FAP) – involves periodic visits to farmers by a selected team including agricultural experts, EAM partners and associates The Food Assistance Project takes cognizance of the planting season, which is the lean season, where food availability remains a challenge in the region, particularly for the farmers.

The project therefore seeks to donate food items, to every farmer visited and seedlings to some selected farmers. These visits will also afford the team the opportunity to interact with the farmers, with the view of providing technical support and practical solutions to their challenges. The target for this year is to assist 1000 farmers.

The first visit came off on Monday, July 21, 2014 and will continue till October 2014 when the farmers begin to harvest their crops.

To support this project, kindly call the following numbers:
+233-244-871-133; +233-244-577-909; +233-382-024-577.
Stay tuned and/or visit this page regularly for further details and updates.

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