The youth wing of FGC is as old as the ministry itself. As a matter of fact, NINTAM started with a crop of young people with an insatiable passion for God and youthful exuberance that fueled their passion. As the ministry took shape and was transformed into Broken Yoke Foundation, the youth ministry was also established.
One of the key people that helped shape the youth ministry was Pastor Prince Prosper Senyo Atitse. He was a man so committed to developing the youth ministry. Together with Brother John Kennedy Akotia, now pastor, Brother Ben Oyen, Mrs. Veronica Muda and others, they built a strong youth ministry. One of the earliest youth presidents of the ministry was Donatus Ayine Nsoh.
When Broken Yoke Foundation used to meet at the Sanctuary of Glory, now the premises of FGIS pre-school and lower primary, the youth services were held at Awoegya JHS where we held powerful worship services, Monday evening prayer and deliverance meetings.
When Broken Yoke Foundation transmogrified into FGC, the youth ministry was code-named “Youth for Impact.”